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Orange Wednesday Codes

Get A Cheap Orange Sim and Phone For Orange Wednesday

Option 1

Get a Free Orange PAYG Sim

  • Order Order FREE Orange PAYG Sim Only
  • Get Cheap Orange Phone (or unlock another cheap phone)
  • Activate Phone With Credit
  • Text Film to 241 For Your Code (costs 35p to Recieve)
  • Make sure to keep phone "active" every 6months. 1 Phone Call (or call 453 free to check Credit)
  • Option 2

    Get Yourself a Cheap Orange Phone and Sim (Approx £9)

  • Order Cheap Phone + Free Orange PAYG Sim (Approx £9)(Min Top Up £10 - Credit Doesn't expire)
  • Activate Phone With Credit
  • Text Film to 241 (costs 35p to Recieve)
  • Make sure to keep phone "active" every 6months. 1 Phone Call (or call 453 free to check Credit)
  • How It Works

    This how to get an Orange Wednesday Code if you're not on Orange. This is the cheapest way to do it. The basic idea here is that we get a cheap phone and sim and give it just enough credit to keep Orange happy. The approximate cost of getting a phone and free sim and getting credit is £20. Here is a link to a Cheap Phone and Sim(Just make sure to check the Orange Box and get the Orange payg phone and sim deal for Orange.)

    Or you can order a free orange sim From Here and buy a phone yourself just make sure it is able to take orange sims or has been unlocked. Personally I think its easier to just order the phone and sim for around £9 here and know it all works. It is also worth keeping an eye out as sometimes you can get an extra £5 with your first activation.

    Every time you use your Orange Wednesday 2 for 1 Deal you save around £5 each time you use your code so you can 28 orange wednesday codes from your £10 top up. Saving you roughly £140. Not bad for an initial £10 set up.

    You just need to make sure your phone stays active and doesnt expire after 6months. You can do this by making a phonecall but current word is that checking your credit for free on "453" counts as a phonecall. The Text to 241 is free but it costs 35p to recieve it to your phone. You can write this code down or show it to them at the cinema and get your 241 ticket. The code and deal is also open to 241 pizzas and other orange benefits. I've heard people saying you need to top up £5 every month to get the deal 'Text tickets are issued on a priority basis to active customers who spend over £5 per month with Orange. Orange may revise the terms of this promotion from time to time.' but i've been using my phone and credit for orange Wednesdays only for about 3-4 months now and it is still fine.

    So there you go. For just £20 initial cost you can save yourself £140. Pretty amazing deal really.