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Extreme Couponing

Do you know of an amazing deal in a paper or magazine insert this week. Submit it here on our extreme couponing page to alert our users and other people of the great deals to be had. Who knows you might be the next person to get 98% savings on their weekly shopping. With the rise in popularity of extreme couponing the tv show we are trialing a section where you guys can submit your hot tips and deals each week, this is going to be semi word of mouth thing as we don't know every paper in the UK and US but with your help we can make this an amazing resource so you know where to go to get the best deals. We do our best to verify these before they go live but we can't be held responsible if a deal has expired or does not exist we do our best to make sure each exreme coupon notice and coupon bargains are correct. We want to make this the best place when you want to know where to get coupons.
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Top Extreme Couponing Tips

1 - See if You Can stack coupons check how many you can use per item and per transaction. You might need to buy a few items to get the deal or you might be able to use more than one coupon on one item due to loop holes.

2 - See How Many You Can Use Per Transaction You can end a transaction whenever you want and pay, and put more items through the till as the same person. This is perfectly legal. Some coupons are one use per transaction.

3 - Check for rebates See if you can get a rebate on items. Even better see if you can use a full price rebate on a discounted item to put you in positives. Yes thats right you will end up having been paid to buy the item.

4 - Buy items that have a long expiration date, don't expire or can be frozen If you are buying bulk items you need to make sure you will use them or that they will last until you need to use them.

5 - Check for double ups or tripple ups See if the store will double or tripple the value of your coupons, but be sure to check how many times they will do this per person or transaction.

6 - Check the papers and inserts keep an eye on newspapers and inserts and grab as many as you can as long as the value does not work out more than you will save.

7 - Check store policy before you go Make sure you know the up to date policy of the store. You don't want to ring through $1000 only to find your coupons now won't work or stack.

8 - Get A Decent Printer Get a printer with value for money and value ink. If you are printing off lots of coupons you don't want to be paying more for ink than you need to.

9 - Check Coupon Websites and Forums Word of mouth is the best place to hear of the best deals or loop holes you can get away with each week.

10 -Prepare and Spreadsheet Get up a spreadsheet. You are saving potential hundreds and thousands here. Work out your budget, your costs how much you will save, how many transactions or people you need. Treat it seriously but don't let it overtake your life.

Bonus 11 - Make sure you have enough room in your house!!